About us

Avenida Barcelona Consulting S.L. is a small company that value the personalized attention in its services. Each client is a world, each dream is different and we consider purchasing a property in Spain making a dream come true. Our work is based on communication and trust. We wish to transmit knowledge and experience, but also diversity and understanding.

Avenida Barcelona Consulting S.L. has run its business for 10 years now and we have helped many private persons, families and companies to achieve a property in Barcelona. We are mainly working in Barcelona and the region Cataluña, but can also help in other parts in Spain.

We are two partners in Avenida Barcelona Consulting S.L.:

Pia Hankö - Swedish living in Spain for 29 years. Experience in real estate, promotion, marketing, journalism and tourism. Email: pia@avenidabarcelona.com, tel: (+34) 610 207 797.

Manel de Rueda Camprubi - born and citizen of Barcelona. Lawyer and experience in the real estate business and big investments. Email: manel@avenidabarcelona.com, tel: (+34) 607 353 317.