Katarina and Leif - Sweden

"2018 was the year when we went to be owner of the most wnderful and charming little apartment in Poble Sec, Barcelona. With its few 30 m2 it gives us so much joy in the whole family all year around.
We have Avenida Barcelona Consulting, Pia Hankö and Manel de Rueda, to thank for making this bonuslife in Barcelona reality. Without their knowledge, experience and calm way of leading us through the whole purchase process, we would have been sitting on the little balcony in Poble Sec today. And more, thanks to the staff on the company Avenida, they take care of the rental and maintenance and we are so reliefed feeling that we can get any help at any time if we ask for it.
With all our heart, we can warmly recommend Pia and Manel at Avenida Barcelona for future missions purchasing and/or manage properties."
Katarina Görts Öberg, Med Dr and section manager, Karolinska University Hospital
Leif Görts, Head Prosecutor


Sonny and Martin - Sweden

"We were looking for an apartment in Barcelona for months but quite quickly we understood that it is so much more different than in Sweden and that we needed help. Luckely we got in contact with Pia. At our first meeting we noticed at onces that she was a person to trust and that she had a huge knowledge and experience. Everything from laws and rules to knowledge of areas and restaurants and all the practical information that was needed. One of us speaks quite good Spanish but we wouldn't have made it without Pia due to all the legal terms and words. We noted that having Pia all the way during the journey was essential.

Pia helpt us to book visits, she was with us at all the meetings, had all the contact with construction team, lawyers and real estate agents. Everything was taken care of in a smooth and quick way and it went easy for us who had enough with the nerves for buying a property. Pia calmed us down and we felt very confident.

Also, she is a wonderful and warm person, which converted her to a friend during the process. Thumbs up for Pia and her team.”


Hans y Eva Forsell -Sweden

"In Spring 2014 we made reality our dream to purchase an apartment in Barcelona. The help we received from Pia Hankö was invaluable for us, as she controlled the whole project, everything from finding the apartment until finish the purchase procedure with contacts, real estate agencies, notary, authorities etc. When the purchase now is finished we continue to be calm and secure finding that Pia is continuing to help us with the daily management and rentals of the apartment.

We have very much appreciated the quick and efficent help we have received in different situations and we can warmly recommend the services of Avenida Barcelona Consulting."


Magnus y Carina Måhl - Sweden

"In September 2014 we paid our first down payment for an apartment in Barcelona. This was the beginning of a funny but extremely complicated journey that went on for five months, but that finally ended with a fantastic result. We can not imagine how we would have managed this without Pia Hankö. We got help with all the normal administration, it is so much easier with the bank, the accountant, the notary, the Tax Office, etc, if you know what is to be done and if you have the contacts. To have Pia Hankö by our side gave us incredible confindence. 

We chose to do a total refurbishment of our apartment. Through Pia we got in contact with a construction company. During the whole process Pia was our combinated contact person and interpreter. At many times there where complications. Then Pia went in and negotiated and always managed to get the solutions for our advantage.

We warmly recommend all that want to invest in a property in Barcelona to contact Pia Hankö and Avenida Barcelona Consulting and seriously consider to get help from her and her contact net both withg regards to the purchase but also with possible refurbishment and rentals."


Patrik Jonsson VD SCA Personalstiftelserna

"SCA Personalstiftelserna has since some years two apartments in Barcelona, both of they achieved through Avenida Barcelona Consulting and Pia Hankö. Pia delivers a complete solution and she has helped us through the whole process. She has a wide experience and knowledge in all the necessary areas and this, together with a high social capacity and a very nice approach and treatment of her customers, I can highly and warmly recoomend Pia and Avenida Barcelona Consulting."


Olle - Swedish business man in Staff Foundation in big company Sweden

"Pia at Avenida Barcelona Consulting has helped us to purchase to apartments in Barcelona in 2008 and 2009. She has also, since then, been managing the control and maintenance of these apartment. This whole solution we have with Pia in Barcelona is today our reference when we open new places around the world. We are very pleased with our collaboration with Pia."