Purchase a property

The real estate sector is hugh with a lot of operators and not always as professional as you would like to see. There are many websites with adverts, but too many times there are bad photos and little possibility to appreciate how the property is and we loose time going to see properties that looked amazing in the advert but turned out to be a desaster.

Avenida Barcelona Consulting S.L. is a consultant that helps you to find what you are looking for without big effort and that calm you and keep you good informed in any moment:

  • We analyze the market and what is available, and we discarge the product we understand will not fulfil your requirements.
  • We organize the visits and we can also do pre-visits to properties that you find interested to make sure they are worth a visit.
  • Once we have found the property you are interested in we make a total analysis of its situation, both with regards to the documentation and also it physical state. If it is what you wish to buy we start with the negotiations to achieve a fair price that you can accept.
  • We make sure that all the necessary documents are correct in order to fulfil a purchase and in each moment we guide you and inform you.
  • We give you legal advice. 
  • We organize the notary for the signature on the purchase day.
  • After the purchase we organize everything necessary like i.e supplies like water, electricity, internet, insurance etc (what we call "after-sale").
  • We can also organize repairs, refurbishments, furnishing and equip the apartment.
  • We can also organize rental and management of your property in the times when you can not be there yourself.

Send us un email asking for a proposal of fees and explain what it is you are looking for.